Rainbow Walls at The Juice Academy

TJA Mural

How lovely it was to be invited back to my old haunt to be let loose on the walls!

The Juice Academy (Tangerine Comms) was somewhere I felt so at home at for the two and a half years that I helped run their amazing programme, so its so nice to get to go back in an arty capacity and add a little colour on the walls to match the wonderful characters that work there. It’s like I never left, but I still can’t help feel a bit like a child whose been left alone with a box of crayons while mum’s not looking!

While I was still working there we rebranded The Academy and they wanted to match the gradient from the logo to the walls. Now the space has come alive with colour, and I got to geek out and test my new paint sprayer to create the colour shift…and the effect looks lush!!

Take a peek here for the process.



To offset the colours I also sprayed a bunch of plain white paper lanterns to dot around the ceiling – spraying was much easier than when I’ve painted these before – no streaks and dries so much more quickly!

Amy’s Advice – Sack off masking tape entirely and switch it for Frog Tape – this bright green reel is my new best buddy when it comes to getting crisp lines and no fuss removal. You wont miss it if you’ve left a bit and visually you can gage your straight lines much better.

For the paint I used Valspar testing pots to get the right gradient, I used 9 separate colours and bought two pots of each but only used one – the girl at B&Q was extremely helpful and spent ages with me matching up the millions of colour cards to the logo!

My new spray painter is a Mylek Pro Spray which I loved using – very noisy ie. vacuum cleaner levels but easy to use with adjustable nozzles, pretty easy to clean. I would have preferred a longer hose as this one is 1.8m so there was a bit of unplugging and replugging in but for the price and finish it was fab!



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